merilynn's art gallery

i made this

album cover for my friend's single
i went camping with my friends
i've started editing some of my traditional stuff in photoshop
i got a new sketchbook. the character on the left is one of my friends second life avatars
miya and sara go clothes shopping
serval & kaban from kemono friends, and some random girls. digital collage
love corp members from archangel:nemesis. ink.
maggie from archangel:nemesis and an unnamed character. gift art for mara. ink, pen, crayon, color pencil.
mikage from end of goldfish kingdom. rikas. meri. mission chan. pitt artist pen
meridian and elise from stemwringer. pitt artist pen
assorted rikas. rika furude from ひぐらしのなく頃に
rika furude
meri in love corp attire delivering a lesson to rika
rika furude in a love corp uniform. digital
cirno from touhou. crayon
sketch page. nancy, nanachi. the character on the right is by @kaaaa369 on twitter