you are in empty

for as long as you can remember you have been walking through what can only be described as an infinite darkness. there is no floor, no ceiling, and no walls. vast and dark as it was, you could always see your body. this was all that was given to you; your body, and your thoughts. sometimes you walk, and sometimes you rest. sometimes, you even go for a run!

after drudging through this void for an eternity, you finally noticed a something. there was a spec of light on the very edge of the horizon. a single point. such an intriguing opportunity is surely to be investigated. it is as close to a purpose you have ever had.

you do what you do best—walk.

the minutes go by, the hours go by, even days. not that you'd know, anyway. by now, you are sure that you have gotten closer to this unknown structure. you are starting to see its shape clearly now. if you had words to describe it, you would.

compared to your vast travels, this was nothing. you made it to the structure in a relatively short amount of time. the closer you got, the more you realized that it was way, way bigger than you. it was a massive, triumphal arch. it was the most most beautiful thing you had ever seen, out of the two things you had seen so far. it was brilliant, almost blinding white. as you got close to touch it, it seemed to be constructed in some cold, hard material, much firmer than your own.

you are so busy being immersed into the profundity of the structure that you almost dont hear, or feel the touch of a someone who has been trying to get your attention for a while. realizing this, you snap your head in shock to this foreign actor. that is when you saw Her.


before you can even get out as much as a gasp, she speaks,

"welcome to the yet-unnamed creative space, founded by yours truly! our mission statement is to provide a community for aspiring writers. i'm glad you found your way here. please come inside--oh, please take your shoes off at the genkan. we have slippers you can borrow, please bring your own in the future, though... thanks."

there used to be a link which led to a discord server here, but it does not exist anymore.